Haldwani Violence News Update Why did Haldwani violence erupt? Know what has happened so far

Haldwani Violence news

The steps taken to protest against illegal constructions in Haldwani city of Uttarakhand suddenly fueled the fire of violence, throwing the entire city into anarchy. In Banbhulpura area of ​​Nainital district, an atmosphere of tension and violence prevailed in the city after the Municipal Corporation took action to demolish a madrasa and a mosque. This incident not only created fear in the hearts of the people of the city but also left them with a feeling of insecurity.

Haldwani News

Reason for Violence

Haldwani, a city in Uttarakhand, which is generally known for its peace and harmony, recently erupted into violence due to a dispute. The action of demolishing an illegally constructed madrasa and mosque by the Municipal Corporation in Banbhulpura area of ​​Nainital district became the main reason for this violence. People from the local community took to the streets to protest against this action, and the peaceful demonstration soon turned into violence.

Whose Order Led to the Action, Was the Mosque Illegal?

The root cause of the violence that broke out in Haldwani was the demolition of a madrassa and mosque located in Banbhulpura area. The step was taken by the municipal corporation, which was following court orders stating that the construction was illegal. The Municipal Corporation, while implementing this decision, said that the demolition action is in accordance with the court orders, which mentioned that the madrassa and mosque were constructed in violation of the rules that prevent illegal construction on public land. .

The action was carried out under the leadership of Nainital Senior Superintendent of Police Prahlad Meena and in the presence of Municipal Commissioner Pankaj Upadhyay. The main objective behind this action was to remove illegal constructions and ensure adherence to legal rights. The Municipal Corporation also said that the notices issued to them before the construction of Madrasa and Mosque were not responded to, due to which this action had become urgent.

Consequences of Violence

This violence deeply shocked the city. The news of the death of 2 people and injuries to more than 100 people shook the entire society. The administration issued shoot-at-sight orders to control the situation, and curfew was imposed in the city. This violence affected the society not only physically but also mentally.

Administrative Actions

Understanding the seriousness of this incident, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami called a high level meeting in Dehradun. He instructed the officers to deal strictly with the unruly elements. The administration took strict steps to establish peace and law and order in the city. In these difficult times, the Chief Minister appealed to the local people to maintain peace and also assured strict action against the culprits of the incident.

The Case Reaches the High Court

Amidst the violence in Haldwani, a public interest litigation was heard in the Uttarakhand High Court, in which public interest activists filed a petition against the demolition of the mosque and madrassa. In the hearing of the case, Safia Malik, a resident of Malik Colony, lodged her objection, in which she made the point of the notice issued by the Municipal Corporation. However, no fresh judgment was given in the case by the vacation bench of Justice Pankaj Purohit. Now the next hearing of the case will be on 14 February.

Way Forward

This incident of violence in Haldwani is a reminder of how sensitivity and understanding are required in handling social and religious tensions. To emerge from this incident, every section of the society will have to come together and start a new dialogue where all differences can be resolved peacefully. It is time that we all come together to identify the reasons that give rise to such violence and make collective efforts to remove them.

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